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ZJHPFW pneumatic bellows fluorine single seat regulating valve is a top guide structure, compact structure, fluid channel was streamlined S, the pressure drop, flow is large, wide adjustable range. The valve cover by wave pipe thread sealing structure, can completely eliminate the possibility of the process medium leakage from the stem clearance, which is one of the significant characteristics of bellows seal valves. Because the element itself deformation and outstanding aging resistance of the corrugated pipe, completely overcomes the packing seal valves are packing aging and sensitive temperature difference. Secondly, using corrugated pipe packing a double seal structure, better safe reliability. Therefore, it is in the highly toxic, corrosive, obtained the widespread application of automatic control system of radioactive and other rare special medium. The spool oriented area, good vibration resistance, with ZHA/B multi spring actuators, compact structure, large output force.

ZJHPFW pneumatic bellows fluorine single seat regulating valve actuator
Type: ZHA (B) multi spring diaphragm actuator diaphragm material: ethylene propylene rubber clip nylon cloth, nylon cloth Dengqen rubber evil clamp spring range: 20 ~ 100, 80 ~ 240kPa air pressure: 140 ~ 400kPa air interface: Rc1/4 "environment temperature: -30 ~ +70 ℃ valve type: the effect or reaction actuator valve gas closed or gas - open attachments: positioner, air filter regulator, Paul position valve, limit switch, valve position transmitter, electromagnetic valve, hand wheel institutions


Effective area cm2350350560900
Trip mm16254060
Spring range KPa20~100(Standard):40~200;
80~240; 20~60; 60~100

To allow pressure:

Supply pressureSpring rangeTo allow pressure
Nominal diameter

ZJHPFW pneumatic bellows fluorine single seat control valve performance
Leakage: less than rated valve 0.01% return difference: belt positioner: 1% basic error of less than full stroke: belt positioner: less than full stroke ± 1% note: using the standard V type PTFE adjustable range 30:1 Kv and stroke

Nominal diameterG3/420253240506580100150
Seat diameter34567810121520263240506580100150
Kv Value0.
Rated stroke10


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